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How to determine if you need Grape Technical Services...

For starters, your company should be involved in the design, specification, or selection of devices that utilize analog or power electronics.  If this is the case, then if you answer "yes" to any of the questions below, you should contact us to determine how Grape can help you.

  • Is your current staff temporarily overburdened?
  • Do your programs frequently run over cost or over schedule?
  • Do you have an analog or power expert designing and analyzing your power subsystem?
  • Are you not sure how to correctly specify your requirements?
  • Do you need guidance in selecting the most suitable manufacturing partner to build your design?
  • Are you currently in production, dealing with reliability or quality issues, and in need of straight answers and/or independent advice?
  • Are you confused by safety agency requirements and need a liaison to interface with the agencies?
  • Have you taken your system to the EMI lab and received failing results and don't know what to try next?

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How do I determine if I need Grape Technical Services? Click here

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Contact Grape Technical Services today for a free, no obligation, initial telephone consultation.  We will confidentially discuss your specific circumstance and determine whether you would benefit from additional services.

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